This is a big problem...let's find a solution!

ELK Promotions is truly unlike any other promotional products distributor. Sure, they make t-shirts and pens...but they are also creative, innovative and like to think outside the box. They find unique solutions to common problems. This is especially true with Scott Wieclaw, President of ELK. So often, complicated problems stop other organizations in their tracks. Not ELK...they face them head on.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit home, ELK immediately took action and prioritized their focus. Their focus was to protect their families, protect their employees, and number three...they focused on becoming a part of the solution to help clients stay safe. From making face shields for front line employees to printing social distancing stickers, one problem was proving difficult to resolve...the availability of hand sanitizer. The problem wasn't limited to just the promotional products industry alone, but also to general consumers.

Scott knew this problem was only going to get worse. He identified early on that hand sanitizer was no longer just something people carried in their purses or kept in their cars. Rather, he suspected that it was going to become the responsibility of establishments to make sure sanitizers were accessible to their employees and their customers. So he put his R&D skills into motion. That's what led to the discovery of ELK's new product line...PopUp Sanitizing Stations. These stations are a smart, economical and practical solution to making sure organizations had an easy way of making sanitizers accessible to everyone. Clients, friends and family quickly asked..."how did you come up with something like this?".  Here's Scott's response ...

"As many states prepare for businesses to reopen there are requirements that must be met.  One of the requirements for both employees and customers is to have hand sanitizers in high-contact locations. 

For my own business I started searching for hand sanitizer and dispensers. I quickly discovered there are only a few options available.  Those options were mostly made from metal, heavy, very costly, and expensive to ship.  As a mandatory requirement I needed to have hand sanitizer in many locations and to my dismay I discovered most distributors were completely out of stock for both dispensers and gel hand sanitizer. 

This is a big problem, if I found it difficult to find available dispensers then I realized many other businesses would face this same dilemma.  My solution is which is not only economical and readily available, but also easily printed with custom logos or messaging. They look great, are easy to position wherever needed, are lightweight, and are offered in a standard corrugated style for light duty use or coroplast, which is resistant to washing for heavy duty use in higher traffic areas and restaurants.  I also arranged a constant supply of hand sanitizer designed to work with our dispensers. And yes, once they're in stock, we'll try our best to keep them in stock and ready to ship for immediate use.  Give one a try today."

Having the ability for large organizations to create their own sanitizing stations with their logo is a "natural fit" in the promotional products industry. But for a promotional products distributor, like ELK, to offer small businesses the ability to purchase one at a time, that's not very common at all. That's just a small business helping other small businesses, that's the "ELK way".